For Sale: 240z/260Z parts


Datsun 240/260Z Parts

260Z dash ---good condition, no instruments, one blemish $450 ONO

240Z gearbox – good condition , no synchro problems - $1650 ONO

240Z struts – Reconditioned Bilsteins, hub carriers, new disks, 300lb KMAC springs new. $1750 ONO

240Z rear hatch window glass. $350 ONO

240Z -front mudguards L&R, including headlight cones, lower indicator light panels, Good condition, no

rust, needs a little TLC - $1450 ONO

260Z- rear quarter glass and fitting L&R 260 2+2 - $250

L28 Datsun motor – turns over, current head off but easily reassembled - $1000 ONO


Rob Learmonth(text) - Z Qsld club member

1/22 Hassett Drive, Pottsville 2489

(parts stored in Murwillumbah…not flood victims – gearbox in Woodridge)

Will negotiate a good price if buying in bulk! Need space for new project

0428 249 483

Murwillumbah NSW

Rob Learmonth
0428 249 483

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